R500 RTK Mapping Drone

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R500 RTK Mapping Drone

R500 RTK Mapping Drone

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Technical parameters

  • Weigh motor wheelbase: 460mm
  • Body size: 367mm*367mm*228mm
  • Motor: KV 650rpm/V
  • Electric adjustment: continuous current 45A
  • Propeller size: Diameter * pitch: 11*4.5 inch
  • Normal takeoff weight: 1.38kg(including battery and head)
  • Maximum takeoff weight: 2.0kg
  • Rise Speed:factory default 5.0m/s, (adjustable from 3 to 8m/s)
  • Falling Speed: factory default 3.0m/s, (adjustable from 3 to 8m/s)
  • Horizontal Flight Speed: GPS mode: 5m/s
  • Motion mode: factory default 10m/s (adjustable from 5 to 20m/s)
  • Attitude mode: 15m/s (no wind environment)
  • Maximum tilt Angle :GPS mode: 25°
  • Motion mode: 30° Posture mode: 30°
  • Maximum rotational angular velocity: 150°/s
  • Maximum flight altitude: 4,500 m
  • Maximum wind speed: 17 m/s
  • Maximum endurance: about 60 minutes (without 6K camera)
  • About 50 minutes (with 6K camera)
  • Operating temperature: -10℃ to +40℃
  • Positioning accuracy: GPS: vertical ± 1.5m, Level ±0.4 m (GPS positioning works normally)
  • Coordinate with network RTK: horizontal 1cm+1ppm, vertical 2cm+1ppm (GPS positioning works normally, network RTK connection is normal)
  • Voltage: 22.2 V
  • Capacity: 7000 mAh
  • Battery type: LiPo 6S
  • Energy: 155.4 Wh
  • Charging ambient temperature: 5℃ to 40℃
  • Model: JXRC - H12
  • Operating frequency: 2400MHz to 2483MHz
  • Maximum communication distance: 12KM (open withoutshelter, no electromagnetic interference)
  • Display equipment: 5.5-inch 1920*1080 1000NITS highlight screen
  • Charging interface: Type-c
  • Battery: 3.7V 10000mAh LiPo 1S
  • Endurance time :8~24 hours
  • Operating temperature: -10℃ to 40℃
  • Charging ambient temperature: 5℃ to 40℃
  • Weight: 600g
  • Size: 190 * 152 * 94 mm

R500 RTK Mapping Drone

R500 RTK centimeter-level drone, the body is designed with lightweight carbon fiber body, lightweight, to the hand ready to take off. Flight endurance Up to 60 minutes, 7 level super wind resistance level. With three-axis stabilized small gimbal quick detachable design, support 6K UHD camera, starlight night vision camera, infrared thermal imaging camera hanging camera, infrared thermal imaging camera mounted.

  • Integrated Carbon Fiber fuselage

    R500 RTK UAV, the fuselage of lightweight carbon fiber fuselage design, light weight for frame, ready to fly. 60 minutes flight time with Grade 7 wind resistance.Equipped with three-axis small

  • Network RTK

    Integrated new RTK module, with strong anti-magnetic interference capability and accurate positioning capability, providing real-time centimeter-level positioning data

  • 12KM Max Transmission

    R500 RTK UAV adopts 2.4G long-distance transmission system, which can transmit the maximum map distance up to 12KM. Strong anti-interference ability, stable and reliable transmission

Born for aerial survey

R500 is a small, multi-rotor, high-precision aerial survey uav for low-altitude photogram-metry applications. Equipped with centimeter-level navigation and
positioning system and high-performance imaging system, it is portable and easy to use to comprehensively improve the efficiency of aerial survey.

Basic surveying and mapping

Fast data collection, greatly reduce field costs,
flexible generation of a variety of surveying and
mapping results.

Spatial planning

UAV fast 2D and 3D precise modeling is combined with
a variety of geographical data to intuitively display the
planning effect, making the design more scientific and

Engineering surveying and mapping

Enhance the digital level of engineering construction,
provide comprehensive information support for design,
construction and operation.

Natural resource survey

Efficient data collection, automated information
processing, and unmanned aerial vehicle solutions
make it possible to refine large-scale natural resource

Checking the scene

R500 UAV collects high-definition data, providing patrol industry with more secure, convenient and efficient patrol solutions

Traffic inspection

Small accidents were quickly dealt
with by aerial capture and propaganda,
congestion was relieved in time, and
photos of accident site were collected
by UAV to efficiently complete on-site
accident disposal.

Police inspection

Rapid response, the realization of
aerial visual detection, improve the
efficiency of law enforcement, ensure
social security and order.

Customs inspection

Search the target area in a wide range,
quickly locate smugglers, and carry out
law enforcement actions in a timely

Electric power inspection

Promote inspection automation,
improve inspection efficiency and
refinement, and help power grid
digital transformation.

Inspection of oil and gas

Go deep into areas that are difficult to
reach manually, improve inspection
efficiency, reduce the workload of
personnel, and ensure thes afe operation
of oil and gas pipelines, oil drilling
platforms and other equipment.

Geographic information mapping

It subverts the traditional manual surveying
and mapping operation mode, greatly
improves the level of automation and
information technology of surveying and
mapping, and comprehensively improves
the efficiency of surveying and mapping.