JX-AC50 Mini Drone Fully Automatic Airport

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JX-AC50 Mini Drone Fully Automatic Airport

JX-AC50 Mini Drone Fully Automatic Airport

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JX-AC50 Mini Automatic Airport Technical Parameters

  • Total weight:≤126kg (without flying machine)
  • Total power:≤430W
  • Parking platform dimensions:600x600mm
  • Hatch opening:1412mm×670mm×701 mm (L×W×H)
  • Hatch closure:740mm×670mm×913 mm (L×W×H)
  • Protection class:IP54
  • Number of stowable vehicles:1 unit
  • Deposit Time:≤34s
  • Storage time:≤42s
  • Input Voltage:100~240V AC
  • Working environment temperature:-25℃~60℃
  • Power supply for drones:Automated drone charging
  • Maximum charging current:5A
  • charging time:60 minutes (Note: Charging ambient temperature 25°C, flight battery charge from 22% to 83%).
  • surveillance camera:external camera
  • operating mode:Manually operated/unattended
  • Rated load capacity:2000VA/1200W
  • Fabric power cable
  • Input Voltage:175~275V AC
  • output voltage:Utility mode/battery mode 220V AC±10%
  • output frequency:Utility mode: synchronized with utility power Battery mode: 50Hz/60Hz ±0.5Hz
  • Number of batteries:2 pcs/12V 9Ah
  • lead time:Standby 2.5 hours
  • display screen:LCD liquid crystal display
  • Product Model:Webcam 500W pixels
  • Sensor type:1/2.5 low-light CMOS
  • System structure:Dual-core 32-bit DSP (XM550AI)
  • Video Processing:H265AI/H265+ (H264 compatible)
  • camera shot (in a movie etc):2.6mm

Fixed UAV fully automated airport system platform

Jiaxiao JX-AC50 Mini stationary drone fully automated airfield realizes fully automatic unattended, automatic charging, remote control and fully autonomous flight operations. operation. It saves labor cost, releases labor force, responds quickly and improves productivity.

  • Fully automated inspection operations

    It realizes full-automatic/precise landing, automatic cruise, timed cruise, and supports real-time video return to meet the high-frequency, continuity, and normalized inspection operation of UAV.

  • Unattended

    Unattended, the drone takes off automatically from the airport, perform inspection tasks, land and charge, and the inspection data are automatically uploaded to the UAV management cloud platform. data are automatically uploaded to the UAV management cloud platform without manual intervention. No manual intervention is required.

  • 5G remote real-time image monitoring

    Utilizing 4G/5G infrastructure network facilities, combined with drone cloud management platform, realizing real-time online multi-aircraft direct flights on the Web and ground station clients. and ground station clients to realize real-time online multi-aircraft direct broadcasting, flight data management, remote supervision, remote control, remote shouting, mapping flights and other functions. control, remote shouting, mapping flight and other functions.

Industry Applications

River patrol

Electricity inspection

Traffic patrol

Forest patrol

Smart city

Oil pipeline inspection

Photovoltaic Power Inspection