water rapid rescue devices
water rapid rescue devices

TY-3R Remote ControI
Intelligent Life Preserver

R500 RTK

flying lifebuoy

Water Rescue

The TY-3R Water Rescue Drone, also known as the "TY-3R Flying Lifebuoy", is a water rescue pioneer whose unique design allows for multiple takeoffs and landings on the water surface, solving the pain points of untimely rescues and environmental constraints that have made the TY-3R a truly indispensable tool for coast guards and rescue associations around the world.
Whether you are a coastguard, rescue association or an individual, the TY-3R Water Rescue Drone redefines the functionality of emergency rescue equipment and paves the way for saving lives.

emergency rescue tools ty-3r flying lifebuoy
water rescue drone ty-3r flying lifebuoy
water rescue remote control lifebuoy
Water rescue equipment ty-3r water rescue drone flying lifebuoy
Water rescue equipment
smart lifebuoy

Hiah-Rise Frefighting

DIDIOK MAKINGS new generation of locomotive-linked high-rise fire fighting and rescue system integrates the functions of "tethered spraying, ground fighting, fire inspection, emergency power supply and mobile command".
tethered sprinkler, ground rescue, firefighting inspection, emergency power supply, mobile command" in
A powerful firefighting combat equipment, which greatly enhances the firefighting drone's combat capability and further improves the firefighting and rescue efficiency.
It greatly enhances the operational capability of firefighting drones and further improves the efficiency of firefighting and rescue.

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UAV collects high-definition data, providing patrol industry with more secure, convenient and efficient patrol solutions

Aerial Photography

Supports one throw to fly, which makes the takeoff scene unrestricted and increases the adaptability and travel pleasure of the UAV.

mini se drone Intelligent tracking drone
mini se drone Intelligent tracking drone
mini se drone Intelligent tracking drone
mini se drone Intelligent tracking drone